Our Services

An onsite consultation is offered as a 'one off' or as part of the whole landscape design package. The initial consultation is the most important step in the landscape design process as, at this time, it is vital to ensure the alignment of clients’ requirements and the designer's vision.

Concept plan

This involves hard and soft landscaping details shown on a scale plan – for example, the position and shape of a swimming pool, terrace, pergola, lawn, groups of planting etc.

Planting plan

This is a scale plan to show plant variety and position and spacing to achieve the long-term effect. This saves clients time and money, as plants will be planted to withstand the test of time.

Lighting plan

This scale plan looks at types of lighting and their positioning.

Landscape design plan

A landscape design plan (drawn to scale) incorporates both hard and soft landscaping details and lighting requirements to achieve the desired end point. This is accomplished in consultation with the client.

Plant supply

As plant brokers, we endeavor to source the best quality and price from specialist plant suppliers throughout New Zealand.

Landscape design consultation, planning, project management and maintenance
"I believe that the landscape process should be enjoyable. We will work with you whether you require a little bit of help or a lot."

Total Project Management

We coordinate landscape professionals for specific jobs to ensure the job gets done and the design effect is achieved. We work with a number of landscape professionals and have established a good working relationship with local landscapers whose workmanship we can vouch for. We can be involved in as little, or as much, of the project's management as the client requires.


We provide professional maintenance people who can be called in to do a "one off" clean up or to offer a regular maintenance contract for both residential and commercial jobs. Talk to us about your specific requirements for your site.