About Us

Michelle McDonnell started her career as a plant breeding geneticist at the DSIR Plant Breeding Institute. Her passion for the beauty of garden design was realised by friends and colleagues. In 2001 Michelle began studying for a Diploma of Landscape Horticulture at Massey University.

Michelle has designed gardens in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato for a number of years, and has established a reputation that has led to referrals and features in publications.

Michelle will work with you to provide a personalised landscape design to suit your home, lifestyle, maintenance requirements and garden preferences; all within your specified resources.

"I believe the initial consultation is the most important step in the design process. I will listen carefully to you and ask relevant questions to ensure that your requirements and my vision are aligned."

The team includes a project manager, a drawer and soft landscaping and maintenance personnel. Together they draw on their vast experience of plants, design and planting to provide a personalised landscape to suit you!

In addition, our wider team includes specialist landscapers, engineers, builders, pool builders, electricians, and lighting engineers to complete the whole project. This talent pool means that this award-winning landscaping company can offer a one-stop-shop and can help guide you, or project manage you, through as much, or as little, of the project as you wish.

Michelle & David McDonnell at home in their spectacular garden